NeoLoad enables Agile teams to run continuous and automated performance tests. With Neotys Agile load testing tool developers and testers start testing early (Shift Left) their APIs, microservices and components, allowing them to resolve performance issues before they become too costly to fix. They can run a NeoLoad test automatically from their favorite Continuous Integration server, so load testing is fully part of the agile delivery process.

Test Earlier in the Lifecycle: Shift Left and Component Testing

  • Run load tests at API (SOAP, REST), component or microservice level
  • Expand your available testing resources; developers and other non-specialist staff can perform superior load testing because NeoLoad is easy to learn
  • Reuse existing functional tests (e.g., Selenium tests) for performance testing

Automate Load Testing with your Continuous Integration Server

  • NeoLoad integrates with popular CI servers like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity
  • Turn performance service level agreements into pass/fail unit tests
  • JUnit results enable Continuous Deployment automation based on performance

Accelerate System-wide Testing to Fit with the Agile Cadence

  • Design complex load tests 10x faster with wizards and automatic parameter handling
  • Update system-level scripts 20x faster with automatic user path updates
  • Quickly analyze test results with the smart analyzer to identify the root cause of a performance bottleneck

Simplify Collaboration on Performance Testing

  • NeoLoad performance testing platform provides a web-based interface (SaaS or on-premises) to share real-time test results within Agile and DevOps teams
  • NeoLoad is an enterprise-grade solution enabling you to share test designs, test reports, licenses, and any test asset