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Innovative, customer-focused professionals with deep technical skills across complex application stacks and breadth of experience in multiple business verticals
#1 Digital Workforce Platform

Automate and scale your business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. READ MORE

NextGen Load Testing Platform for the Digital Economy

Customers have choices and User experience is key for all businesses – Speed, Reliability, Responsiveness, Scalability and Stability are as important as application functionality. READ MORE

Undisputed Leader in OmniChannel Functional Test Automation

Designed and engineered to handle the world’s most complex automation problems with the world’s most complex applications and beyond. READ MORE

About Us

Neutrino Tech Systems was founded with a mission of greatly enhancing customer success by providing best in class, innovative Automation and Performance solutions.

Businesses today are faced with unprecedented challenges and competition to survive and thrive in the marketplace. However, with challenges come opportunities and companies more so now than ever before in history, are in a unique position to harness the potential of disruptive technologies like AI and RPA which reshape the way we think and do work. Neutrino SME’s are here to be your trusted partner; navigating the technology labyrinths and help you build a strategic competitive advantage.

NTS has a passion for customer success by bringing in deep domain expertise and a culture  of  innovation  driven  service  delivery in complex  application, technology, people, process and tools landscape.

Our Core Values

  • ACCOUNTABLE –  We take complete ownership and accountability irrespective of the outcome of  every endeavor and don’t engage in  the “hot potatoes or revolving cannons” game
  • TRUST – Every relationship is predicated on Trust, with unfailing mutual trust, greatness awaits! And you know what they say …. “ It takes two to tango”
  • INNOVATION – The creative mind plays with the object it loves and that for us is Innovation …. our guiding philosophy and culture
  • PEOPLE – Our people are our assets and differentiators.  We believe in harnessing and enhancing the potential of our people to achieve greatness
  • PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE  – We pursue excellence on behalf of our CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS and when we achieve, it feels great.
  • FLEXIBLE  – We understand the need for business to  change gears and strategy to compete in the marketplace and we are nimble and adaptable to remain lockstep

What we offer

Automate and scale your business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs.

  • Design, build and implement the most comprehensive enterprise-grade Digital workforce platform with built-in RPA, cognitive solutions and analytics
  • Ready to use Bots that can be quickly tailored and optimized to your organization’s needs
  • End to end RaaS (RPA as a service offering) – On-Premise, Private or Hybrid cloud implementations
  • Enable you to set up your own RPA Center of Expertise

Customers have choices and User experience is key for all businesses – Speed, Reliability, Responsiveness, Availability, Scalability and Stability are as important as application functionality. Using an optimized performance engineering process is your competitive advantage and we have got you covered.

  • NTS Performance Engineering Framework defines and delivers activities that cover all phases of the solution development lifecycle providing structured repeatable processes, templates and proven methodology on varying degrees of application complexity.
  • Services offered include Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring, Systems diagnostics and Tuning, and Capacity planning & Management.
  • Advisory services in building and sustaining a Performance Center of Excellence, embedded with a “High-Performance Cultural Mindset”
  • Core expertise in delivering PE services across large-scale enterprise transformations in ERP, eCommerce, WMS and Legacy Applications.
  • A robust repository of pre-built accelerators and processes help customers jumpstart their own PE practice. For initiative centric projects, it greatly reduces overall time and effort needed to complete projects.

Ugggghhh!!! “That necessary evil …. Testing”, sounds familiar??

Today’s businesses demand unprecedented agility, quality and cost jurisprudence. Gone are the days of testers manually testing every single business process, fingers to key, one stroke at a time. Test Automation is no more a nice to have, it is the only way of deploying high-quality software with the accuracy, cost and speed that satisfies these demands and enable businesses to create and maintain a competitive advantage.



A Hands Off Approach to Automation Success

Leave maintenance & execution to us. In many organizations, there simply aren’t the trained resources needed to adopt, implement and optimize automated business process testing and discovery. Or maybe you don’t have a preferred system integrator. There’s no need to let quality assurance fall by the wayside. That’s where NTS Managed Services come in.


Let Neutrino Build Your Automation Portfolio

  • NTS offers a complete set of consulting and implementation services for bringing your automation strategy to fruition. NTS delivers services ranging from targeted development augmentation to fully outsourcing the development, maintenance and execution of automated business process testing.
  • NTS supports a geographically disbursed implementation model to enable both on-site discovery of business knowledge and processes and the use of skilled resources available offshore.

Adopt Automation Faster and More Effectively

  • We enable your success. NTS Enablement Services are designed to provide the foundation to ensure your company gets the most from your investment in automated business process testing and discovery software.
  • Count on us to accelerate time to value. We work with your team to design and implement the right plan, and provide mentoring to master the Worksoft software.

Why Neutrino

  • Automation and PE experts 
  • Delivery partnerships with leading product vendors like Automation Anywhere, Neotys and Worksoft 
  • High caliber SME’s with training and certifications in AA, Neotys and Worksoft 
  • Deep technical experience, leading and delivering multiyear large-scale complex ERP and Digital transformation programs for Fortune 500 enterprises 
  • Domain Knowledge

Extensive domain knowledge in HealthCare, Retail, Financial and Logistics 

  • Niche Expertise

SAP, SFDC, Manhattan, E-commerce, WMS, Legacy iSeries and POS Devices etc. 

  • Specialized Teams

A dedicated team focused on our core services 

  • Neutrino Innovation Labs
  • Have you ever seen kids in a candy store.!!!!  We are just like kids in our own candy land…  Neutrino Innovation Labs, filled with curiosity and energized by innovation, this is our playground!  Every Neutrino is bouncing and bustling to try, fail, get up and try again till they succeed.
  • Ready to Use RPA and PE assets that further reduce your cycle time
  • A burgeoning set of accelerators that can be leveraged readily for SAP, WMS, ERP etc.
  • Neutrino Partnerships and Alliances

Our Partner ecosystem comprises the best in class, disruptive, industry-leading enterprise platform solutions and products that focus on improving business outcomes

Our Partners

Speed and Scale:
An elastic workforce ready to deploy or scale back at a moment’s notice. Speed and scale is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Cognitive Robotic Process Automation is a game-changing, transformative technology that has become the persuasive theme for growing revenues and margins, improving customer satisfaction, and managing compliance risk.

Neutrino partners with Automation Anywhere – Redefining the Future of Work

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improve workforce morale
  • Develop low cost fungible capacity
  • Create competitive advantage

Neotys is the leading innovator in Continuous Performance Validation for Web and Mobile applications. Neotys load testing (NeoLoad) and performance monitoring (NeoSense) enable teams to produce faster applications, deliver new features and enhancements in less time and simplify interactions across Dev, QA, Ops and business stakeholders. Neotys has helped over 1600 customers test, monitor and improve performance at every stage of the application development lifecycle, from development to production, leveraging its automated and collaborative tooling.

Neutrino partners with Neotys – Next Gen load testing platform for Next Gen Enterprises

ERP load testing , Digital transformation , eCommerce, POS and Mobile Devices , what else???? You name it and very likely we HAVE a PE solution that helps organizations deliver FASTER applications QUICKER through continuous performance testing

  • Digital Transformation – Digital Economy 2.0
  • Mobile, IoT, Security, APIs, Holiday Readiness, Streaming VideoCloud Migration
  • Cloud Sizing, Platform Validation, MicroServices, Testing in Production
  • Automation for Agile, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery journey
  • Already with LoadRunner –  Been there done that… and it was great … till it was left way behind . Let us help you understand why you could be doing that so much  more with Neotys
  • Our white glove Load Runner migration service helps you wean off your legacy PE tools and assets
  • Enablement of your team with the Neotys platform –  If you have an inhouse team of PE experts, no reason why they cannot do it themselves
  • Democratization of PE – Empower your developers and make them accountable for the performance of their code!

Worksoft provides the world’s leading automation platform for enterprise applications. Our fifth-generation platform provides automated business process discovery, documentation, compliance, testing, risk analysis, and RPA to support critical applications, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday®, SuccessFactors, ServiceNow, and more.

Neutrino partners with Worksoft – Undisputed Leader in Test Automation for Enterprise Packaged Apps

  • Industry-Leading Continuous Automation Platform for Agile and DevOps Initiatives
  • Services offerings –
    • SAP Testing, Package apps, S/4 HANA, Lights Out Testing, Web Application Testing.
    • Test Data Management and Risk Based testing solutions
    • Advisory and consulting services for soup to nuts automation implementation